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Binabadan.com is an owner-operated online retail store that takes pride in selling bodybuilding products. We are dealing in the Sports Nutrition industry for more than 20 years and provide only high-quality products to our clients. Our goal is not only to provide our clients with quality products but is also to enhance their shopping experience and build trust among them.

We are your one-stop shop for all your bodybuilding needs no matter you are looking for the mass gain, muscle building, endurance and recovery, energy boosting or fat loss. Our range of products is categorized into the categories- Fitness Gear, Endurance and Recovery, Whey protein, Energy and Fat Loss and Mass Gainer.

We are an authorized International Master distributor for Dave Pharmaceuticals (DP). So, remain assured about the quality and purity of the products as we acquire products directly from the distributor.

Our distributor, Dave Pharmaceuticals (DP) d/b/a DP Nutrition is a renowned brand that takes pride in the production of bodybuilding products and supplements. Right from the Whey Protein to the Recovery and Mass gainer products, DP provides the entire range, thereby fulfilling the requirements of all bodybuilders whether they are new to bodybuilding or are experienced and looking for the particular effects.

We at Binabadan.com assure the availability of all their products to the potential candidates. We supply all products of Dave Pharmaceuticals, the majority of which are categorized under “Secret Weapon” range. Apart from the Secret Weapon range, there are two other main products- Whey Depot and Mass Depot.

The Secret Weapon range has the following products:
  • Secret Weapon Amino
  • Secret Weapon Creative
  • Secret Weapon Glutamine
  • Secret Weapon Explode
  • Secret Weapon Anabolic

All these products are designed while focusing on the particular needs of the bodybuilders. When it comes to quality or safety, you can trust all DP products without any hesitation.

We are always there to assist you in making the right choice for the bodybuilding supplements. Contact us anytime without any hesitation.

Our Commitment
When you shop with us, you are rest assured to receive a High Quality product that is imported from USA directly from the brand distributor.
Each product imported by us will go through screening process to ensure purity and safety. On top of that you receive FREE SHIPPING on our expense covering West Malaysia and partly subsidized covering East Malaysia.

About Us